John Ager 415 753 3294

John Ager started painting in 1986 after doing all the necessary degrees, jobs and getting established as well as keeping food on the table.

Slowly Ager's work in watercolor developed and was accelerated by taking workshops with such artists as : Frank Webb, Jeanne Dobie, Frank Franchese and others. 

In 1997 Ager enrolled at the San Francisco Art Institute where he spent but one semester under the tutelage and inspiration of Prof. Jeremy Morgan who urged exploration and use of Acrylics. 

As a result most of his work is now in acrylics and the images are more abstract than the earlier watercolor pieces.

John Ager now paints full-time and has his studio at the Hunter's Point Artist Complex 101-222 in San Francisco where twice a year he participates in the open studio events. This fall 2012 November 3rd and 4th.  Visit the facebook page.

John continues to paint landscapes that are slightly abstract in nature. Some additional pieces are shown here on this website. He has also been invited as a guest artist at the Arts Guild of Sonoma on three occasions.

John Ager lives in San Francisco and Sonoma CA 
and can be reached at: (415) 753 3294

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